Monday, January 30, 2012

ADW Launcher EX

Are you looking to change the look of you Android device? If you are ADW Launcher Ex might be the way to go.

ADW seems to be very complete compared to other launchers. It has an ICS type feel to it. I especially love the folder options. When you drag and drop an app in the folder you will get a little preview of what apps that container holds. If you do not like seeing the app preview you can always change the way the icon looks.

When you get your folder set up you can drag as many apps as you want. I like putting the ones I use most so I can have quick access on my default page. ADW also gives you multiple options to scroll through the apps in that folder.

One great perk is ADW EX give you 9 screens instead of the standard 7. I am not sure how but I do manage to fill of that space. The only launcher that can add more screens that ADW is Go Launcher EX.

There is so much tweaking you can do it will really look like you own individual phone. I guarantee no two will look the same. The only problem with this app is that it cost $3.32 so if you not looking to spend any money you are out of luck. You can try ADW Launcher however it does not feel nearly as complete as ADW EX.

I will update this post with tips and trick later on so stay posted.