Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Car wallpapers to droll over

Are you obsessed with cars? Well if you are I have found the perfect website for your desktop. I am not really sure of the name of the website as they have two names listed. We will just call Car Heaven for this post. Why? Because it is just that! They literally have thousands of images in just about any size to fit your

Firefox at it again

Mozilla has just released the Beta version of Firefox 10. It looks really clean and you can clearly see they are trying to streamline the browser. As you browse around you will notice some functions disappear. Don’t worry as they will appear again when they are needed.

Firefox is really trying to get extensions to work a lot better than previous version. With so many changes over the years I am sure you have come across situations where you favorite extension did not work the latest version of Firefox. That is one reason I started using Google Chrome.

Market Dominance

Monday, January 30, 2012

ADW Launcher EX

Are you looking to change the look of you Android device? If you are ADW Launcher Ex might be the way to go.

ADW seems to be very complete compared to other launchers. It has an ICS type feel to it. I especially love the folder options. When you drag and drop an app in the folder you will get a little preview of what apps that container holds. If you do not like seeing the app preview you can always change the way the icon looks.

Bird Watching

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Groceries made easier

Are you having a trouble remembering the the shopping list at home? Our Groceries might be your answer. 

Our Groceries is a great Android app that lets you share your list with whoever you want. When you install the app go to the setting and select list share. If the person you set up has and Android device and the app installed they will be able to see and make any changes on that list. This especially useful if one of you makes it to the store before the other. 

2013 Ford Fusion is stunning.

To the right you will see the new 2013 for Fusion. It is a very gorges car. The curves of this car are truly amazing and the front end just looks at you and says bring it. 

Ford did very well with this design and I truly think it is the best looking four door family cars ever. If you don't believe me think about it. 15 years ago the equivalent to this car was a Ford Taurus. Ahh now you see why.

Blew my load

Saturday, January 28, 2012

HD WWll are truly amazing

WWII was one of the craziest wars ever in human history. What made it more interesting is cameras started producing great pictures. The only issue was these cameras took black and white pictures. So the images we get in our minds are black and white. 

There were color cameras during this period however they were not the best. However now in the digital age they are able to get some of that film and make pictures look brand new. Below is one such link.

Tiny Tower = Sim Tower Lite

Are you looking for a game that does not require you to sit down and play for hours and hours? Well Tiny Tower might be the game you are looking for. The premise of the game is to build your tower as tall as you can. Much like Sim Tower with a lot less movement.

You have to build apartment and shops to generate revenue so you can build the next floor in your tower. There are five different categories of shops to build. I strongly recommend you build an even amount. Your apartments will have six people that reside and you

Naming your Junk

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sony Xperia S they finally nailed one

First off let me tell you I have been a huge Sony fan. I swear everything in my house was Sony. The only exception was my phone.  Now comes the day I want one of their phones.

The Xperia comes with a 1.5 dual-core processor for all of your gaming needs. It also comes with a 12 megapixel camera. From what I can tell it has next to no shutter lag much like the Iphone 4s and Galaxy Nexus. It will take stunning 1080p video for its beautiful display. The front facing camera will be 1.3 megapixel taking 720p video at 30 fps.

Bodyrock.tv Getting your A** into shape

Are you looking to get into shape but don't fell like spending money on P90X? 

No worries Bodyrock.tv is here to help you out. I actually found this website through Youtube where they have a ton of videos to help you get into shape. I yet to find any Youtube channel that has as many workouts posted.

Visit their website bodyrock.tv to see the great job of explaining they do. you will be hurting at the end of one of their workouts. However the pain will be gone with the satisfaction your get from you results. 

Android Pro Widgets

Have you ever wished you Facebook widget would show all your friends updated post instead of having the select the next one? With Android Pro widget you can scroll all of your friends recent post form Facebook or Twitter. 

The app also widgets for bookmarks, calendar, messaging, and contacts. I have also noticed you can download a Google Reader plug in. I especially like the calendar widget. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

F-22 Raptor scary to be on the other end

Have any of you played Empire Earth? If you have you can totally tell that we have entered the nano age in human history. The F-22 is one of the baddest planes out there. Just look at the beautiful curves it has. The agility of the plane is no joke either.

I am in the military and have seen this plane at Nellis Airforce base as it zipped around. As the plane turns you literally hear a zipping type sound. I know if I was on a battle field and heard that sound along with some Marine MRAPS and Cobras coming my way I would S***.

SD Speed Increase

This is a great app for Root users. I tried it on a couple of phones and could immediately tell the difference. When you open the app you will see your device is set at 128kb set it to 2048kb and hit the little orange button on the bottom right to save it. 

If you do not hit that button it will go back to 128kb. It took me a couple of times to figure out I was doing it wrong. That could also lead you to believe the app does not work. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2leep a website for when you are bored

Are you bored and searching the internet for something interested to read? Try 2leep.com their website contains tons of blogs and links. I warn you now be prepared to spend a lot clicking around. They update their website daily with new content from around the world. It is truly the only website I have found online that has such an assortment of content. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Liquipel water protection for your electronic devices

Have you ever got S*** drunk and decided it is a great idea to take a shower with all of your belonging on? Well I have too!

That's were Liquipel comes in. Liquipel claims that it adds a protective layer to your phone preventing it from damage if it gets watered down. They do not claim to give your device a super ability to take it swimming but, in most case a quick drop in a toilet should be okay.


Is a great app for you Android phone.It is pretty solid and has some great features. One of my favorite features is the picture instant upload. When you take a picture with your camera it will load them into your Google+ account. It will leave them hidden from public view and you will select which album you want them in.

The other great part is the face to face calling (hangouts). It is nice to see the person you are talking to. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Lost Diploma

Going to Church

Aunt passing away

Selling mom on Craigslist

Pregnant Fail

Amazon Appstore W/Free app of the day

If you have an Amazon account and an Android phone you are missing out on some good deals. They offer a paid app for Free everyday. At this time I have got around $300 dollars worth of apps for free. By making it a daily routine I have not missed out when they have offered some of the top Android apps.

To purchase the apps you will need to download Amazon Appstore or log into the Amazon website. I have provided a link below to the Android Amazon website.
Amazon Appstore

Getting Dumped

Simple Text

With Simple Text you can you can create Text Icons. There is a free version and paid version. The only one you really need of this app is the free version.

If you start making multiple icons on one page make sure you write down the setting of your first one otherwise they will all be a little off. It is not so bad if you don't care but if you have OCD like myself it will drive you crazy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

BlackBerry Dying

Just about everyone has been seeing BlackBerry die for awhile. I am sure you can all agree with that. BlackBerry used to have the most sophisticated polished smartphones around. Sometimes I still think they were a bit  more polished then the most popular Iphone or Android devices.

The big problem seems to be the people running the company. If BlackBerry would get their head's out of their a** there is a pretty good chance they could produce an excellent phone and a large amount of

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CyanogenMod best Android Rom

I am a huge fan of CyanogenMod. If you are unfamiliar with a custom rom I feel sorry for you because you are getting ripped off by your phones carrier and manufacturer. Know I have to admit I was very reluctant to do anything to my phone for that fact I could have bricked it (made it not usable).

The first phone I tried was a Droid Incredible it was very sluggish and really starting to piss me off. All the Updates from Verizon did not make it any better. It got so bad that the I decided to by a Thunderbolt. The phone was great however it was still sluggish at time. At this point it thought F**it I will try the rooting process and see if it works on my old phone. With a little bit of work success.