Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facebook Cleanup

Doing a Facebook cleanup can help keep many annoying things from popping up on your home page and in your timeline. With all of the apps around and Facebook integration with so many apps, it really seems difficult to keep things private anymore. Doing a Facebook cleanup can really help you combat this problem.

First let’s start off with friends. Some of you might be friend happy, adding everyone and anyone, however you have to be cautious when doing so. Especially if you have a lot of personal information listed in your About Me section, or love to post your current location.

Leaving all of your personal information could actually be dangerous if you have a stalker of some sort. It also makes it easy for people to target you for spamming or the annoyance of people adding you for games. Just make sure

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Google Tablet coming soon?

Google is planning to go head to head with Apple by releasing Google Tablets. News from the Wall Street Journal says that they will be releasing these tablets as they have with Google phones in the past. It would be great if Google does this as they have with phones and Chrome Books in the past. 

The reason it would be great is that fact that you will be getting Android the way it was intended to be. You will be getting stock Android that will be easier to customize and make your own. You will not have all of the added features from the phone manufactures or providers. In short no bloatware that can wreck havoc on your device.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SUPERAntiSpyware anti-spyware program that works

By its name SUPERAntiSpyware seems like a bogus application. However you would be surprised how effective it is in removing hidden malware on you computer. We work on a lot computers and majority of the problems come from malware. Living with malware or other infectious programs on your computer seems to be a pretty common these days. However with the right tools you will be able to help eliminate some potential problems. SUPERAntiSpyware is a must have tool in come bating these issues. 

No matter what anti-spyware program you use, use SUPERAntiSpyware additionally to help fight malware. We have used AVG, Norton, and MS Essentials to remove nasty programs however they never completely remove everything. SUPERAntiSpyware has really done a great job on fixing some computers that just never seemed like they would run well again.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BlueStacks: Android apps on your desktop

Have you ever wanted to play some of you favorite apps on your desktop? If so you might want to try BlueStacks app player. BlueStacks just released a beta version of their app that will allow you to use some of your favorite Android apps on you desktop.

It might not work on older computers but if you have newer computer you should be in luck. For those of you with older computers you will get a warning saying some applications might not work without HD capabilities. They do have an alternate download however it might not work.

After you get BlueStacks installed you will have a launcher bar that list the following:

Pirate Keyboard

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angry Birds Space Review

Rovio continues to build upon their franchise with Angry Birds Space. It is hard to believe that they can still come up with new ideas on how to sling birds across your screen. With Angry Birds Space they came up with a unique way that works really well.

The concept of the game is pretty much the same. Sling the birds and kill the pigs. What is really awesome with the Space version is how the birds react in space. They will get grabbed by gravitational pull to swing around the androids to kill the pig. If you miss on the first try the birds will loop around until they hit their target or crash into an object. If you miss the gravitational field you bird will shoot off into deep space not to be seen again.

Windows Error Message

Monday, March 26, 2012


RunKeeper is great app for runners to keep track of their running stats. With this app you can keep track of many stats through the GPS system in your phone. So if you like to challenge yourself and others RunKeeper might be a must have app. There are many features of RunKeeper that make it one of the best running apps for your device. 

With RunKeeper you will be able to keep track of the distance you ran through GPS. Not only will it keep track of the distance it will also keep track of the elevation, speed, and average pace of you run. If you go all out and buy a heart monitor it will also track heart beat through the run as well. After every run all of your information get logged into the RunKeeper website. 

On the RunKeeper website you will be able to login and look at all of your running stats. It keeps track of all running information from when you started using RunKeeper. It is great at seeing

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sony Tablet P

Just when I think Sony is getting things back together they go an pull something off like the Tablet P. Just by looking at the Tablet P you get the suspicion there is something wrong. It is great that Sony is trying to invent new devices, but with devices like the Tablet P they are the smart kid no one talks to. 

Let take a look at some of the great features of the Tablet P

Dual Screen - Books are hell of cool on the Tablet P as one page is displayed on each page. It is one of the first devices that makes it seem like you are actually reading a book. 

Playstation Certified - You will be able to play some of your favorite classic Playstation titles. 

DLNA - It will be easy to hook up the device with any DLNA compatible devices. So streaming music and videos should be pretty easy. 

4G -  You will be able to use At&t to stay connected at all times.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Disqus Comment System

You may have browsed various websites and noticed some of the comment systems across different boards look somewhat alike. Disqus is a popular comment system that is used by many other websites. Some of the most popular websites that use Disqus are CNN and 

Discus works on various sites which makes it a little easier to monitor comments if you multiple sites to keep track of. You can also install it on various blogging sites as well. What you will have to do is Register you site with Disqus and then install the code on your site. For many of the blogging sites Disqus does a great job of auto installing itself for you. 

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Friday, March 23, 2012

What is Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense? Ads are just about everywhere you can imagine! Nearly all  website visit you will see some sort of ad.

One of the most widely used advertising programs used by websites is Google AdSense. You may have seen their ads with out even noticing. Typically on a corner of an ad you will see which company is advertising. In the case of AdSense you will see words that say AdChoices. It is one of the easiest ways to detect if a website is using Google AdSense.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

2013 Nissan Altima Fifth Generation

The fifth generation Nissan Altima will be released April of this year. After all of the earthquakes in Japan last year, Nissan has had to work extra hard to keep his vehicle on schedule.

Nissan has been doing a very good job of keeping everyone on their toes when it comes to the design of the 2013 Altima. They have shrouded the Altima in mystery and the anticipation has been built. This anticipation has lead to great media coverage which is a great thing for Nissan

By no means is the Altima a car we dream about, however

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rom Toolbox

If you have rooted your phone one of the must-have apps is ROM Toolbox. It takes many of the apps most rooted users will download and combines them into one. It almost sounds too good to be true but it does work well. In this article you will learn about some cool features of this application.

One of the biggest features is the ROM manager tool found in  ROM Toolbox. With this tool you will be able to install ROMs that you have downloaded to your SD card.  You can also back up your ROM or restore a previous ROM that you may have saved.

The app manager tool is pretty good at letting you know what apps are running in the background. Typically if you go into your settings and select running apps you get a list, but there are always some hidden ones. With the app manager you can see those hidden applications and shut them down. You can also delete applications that you would

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Justine Ezarik  (iJustine) is an internet personality whom you may have seen on TV . Her YouTube channel has been viewed millions of times. She makes spoof music, videos, reviews, and just random stuff from her life. She is considered a lifecaster carrying a camera with her practically 24/7.

With her pretty looks and crazy spunky personality it is hard not to like her. She reminds me of a blonde version of Zooey Deschanel. Although at times I think iJustine takes the cake in the crazy department.

As I said above she makes various videos and can be found on about every social media outlet available.  As you can see by all the sites listed below, she has many websites that helped her achieve success. She gets on all of these sites personally to publicize herself, and she has created an empire all her own.  As crazy and goofy as she may be, she knows marketing very well.

Why So Serious?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Portable Web Browser

Portable web browsers are installed on a thumb drive. The benefit of having it installed on your thumb drive is that you will not have to install it on a computer. Also any web browsing or favorites you add will be added to the thumb drive and not the computer itself.

It is great having a Portable browser the instances when you are not able to install a web browser to a computer due to administrative rights. Many large companies use older browser because they might not be up to speed with the latest and greatest. Therefore they will not let you install newer versions or prohibit different browsers.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facebook App on Android is horrible

Facebook Application
Okay I know many of you probably use the Facebook app religiously and cannot think of way to live without it. However, the Facebook app on Android is horrible. There are other ways you can connect to Facebook which are a lot better and save a lot of resources on your phone.  

As you all know it is hard not to get on Facebook anymore as everyone and their mother is on Facebook. So your phone may have come with the Facebook application pre-installed. Everyone is compelled to use the Facebook app for this very reason. If this is the case simply don’t log into your account with the application to prevent it from running.

Many people seem to have issues with the Facebook app or it may run a little slow at times. This seems to be pretty common among Android users however they put up with it because they think this the only way to connect to Facebook.

Not only does it freeze up at times it also uses a large amount of memory on your phone. On a few devices you might see an error message with your system saying you are low on memory. Clearing the cache on the Facebook application takes care of that problem in many cases.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Private Browsing

The way you start private browsing is a little different for some of the most popular browsers. In most cases you will open the browser go to setting and start private browsing. That is great but what if you want to automatically start private browsing automatically?
This tutorial will cover why it can be important to use private browsing and how to set up private browsing on the three most popular browsers on Windows.

Browsing in Private mode can be very useful in many situation. For many people they simply do not like the fact that a browser can keep all of you information such as your cookies, or username, and password.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The New iPad

The next generation iPad is now available. For the lucky individuals who were able to pre-order your iPad it should arrive today. For everyone else who did not get inline you might be in luck as many retailers are not sold out. So you can still nab the new iPad online.

You should be getting a pretty good little machine. Below are some specs if the New iPad:

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Thursday, March 15, 2012


The HTC One X is heading our way in the 2nd quarter of this year on AT&T. The One X is going to be the largest HTC headset available for you to purchase. The 4.7 screen should give good competition to let's say the Galaxy Note. With smaller dimensions you might not feels as weird carrying the HTC One X around as with the Note. 

A few things that are really making this phone stand out are its size, horsepower, camera, and audio capabilities. This combination of features is what has made HTC a leader in the past. Samsung might lead the race but HTC is right on their tail. 

As I said above the HTC One X is going to have a 4.7 inch screen which is large however not clown large. The display is going to be a 720p HD for good picture quality. The pixel density should be around 312 a little behind it's competitors but maybe not really enough to tell. One great introduction

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Galaxy S II ICS

If you have a Galaxy S II you should finally be getting ICS on your device. Roll outs started yesterday so if you have not got the update stand by to be happy!!

The roll outs have started in Europe and Korea and will continue to move forward thought out the month. For those of you who are impatient, I am sure you will be able to find an apk. to get it a little sooner. If any sites come available I will make sure to post it.

Samsung is not just stopping on the Galaxy S II. If you have a Note, Tab 10.1 or a Tab 8.9 you should be getting ICS in the not too distant future. As for now those dates have yet to be released but are promised.

It is pretty exciting to see some older devices finally getting these updates. I am glad Samsung is getting it out to Samsun owners. I really wish Motorola, and HTC would start to do these roll outs a little sooner.

If you would like to stay updated on the roll outs follow Samsung’s blog below.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instagram for Android its coming (update 4/5/12)

If you have always wanted Instagram but did not have an iPhone your time is coming. Instagram is in the works to bring one of the most popular IOS apps to Android. It is long awaited and sure to be just as big of a hit on Android as it is on IOS. 

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram it is a photo sharing app that lets you customize your photos before you share them. What happens is you take your photo, edit it, then post it. After you post it your friends on Instagram will be able to see your pics. You will also be able to post those pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or foursquare. Being able to share on so many social networks has to be one of the reason it has been picked up by so many users.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Android Apps 3/12/12

Bills Reminder

If you are looking for an app specifically made to handle you finances you might want to try Bills Reminder. Yes Bills that was not a typo.  Bills Reminder is a handy tool for your all of your upcoming bills.  There are also many tools that let you know how much your spending or to let you know how much you owe. Get your copy on the Amazon Market for free today. Remember its for free so give it a try. 

Camera Zoom FX

If you are looking for a pretty good Camera app you should try Camera Zoom. You can take pictures and immediately make changes to the shot such as adding colors or effects. There are also other packs (add-ons) that you can download so you can get extra backgrounds or props. Camera Zoom is a pretty fun camera to mess with and is not that complicated. It is being offered for .25 cents on Google Play. For .25 cents you are getting a great deal. Check it out on Google Play below.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boat Browser for Android

If you are looking for another browser to use on you Android device you might want to try Boat Browser. I found it on on accident the other day on Android Play (Android Market) and have been rather impressed.By its name it is something I would not typically check out however some of the screen shots looked good so I thought what the h***

When I first downloaded the app I thought it was junk. When the app first opened all I got was a white screen after a few tries I gave up on the app.

Email vs Mail

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Android Market = Google Play

Alright so many of you might have been confused due to the name change of the Google Market. So it is clear it is now Google play. Over the past year on the Android Market you may have noticed the introduction of movies, books, and music all together. The name change is to reflect that consolidation of those services, and to make Google reach out to everyone not just Android users.

All of the indvidual servise will run as they have been. You will still have the ability to load 20,000 songs to Google's Play Music. As for Movies you are only able to watch them on your computer or your phone if you downloaded an app and your Android Device. However, if you have an HD out

Facebook Diffrances

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Looking for a job or employees? Try Indeed

Are you looking for work or looking to hire new employees? If so an online tool that is a must use is It is one of the best online tools for finding work or a pool of new hires. It is surprising how many people do not know about Indeed so pass the word.

If you are looking for work you seem to get better links for actual jobs. With Monster and CareerBuilder you can get a lot of bogus leads. This can be very annoying and if you have used them you probably started getting calls from all sorts of random people.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

USB Laptop charger

iPad 3 Live event links

(Update) Live coverage has ended. If you missed out and are still looking for what was said you can still follow the links below to see how the live event went down.

Apple is holding a live event this afternoon on the introduction of the iPad 3. There are so many rumors surrounding the iPad 3 from it having 4G LTE connection to HD Screen giving it 1080p capability. 

The Inkless Pen

If you are an avid writer you might want to consider an Inkless pen. There are great advantages over a traditional pens like having the to write on different types of paper or in bad weather. This could make it very attractive to people who actually never lose their pens. 

The pen works by its special metal tip. A small portion of it rubs off into the paper leaving your marking. It is much like when you get a paper clip and rub it on paper and you get streaks. The inkless pen just has more to rub off. 

With no ink you will not have to worry about it getting clogged up or having it break and making a mess in your purse or bag. That is

iPhone Cassette

iPhone Cassette will have every 18 year old's curiosity at the club.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Telerik Fdeck Facebook Client for Desktop

If you are looking for a whole new Facebook experience you might want to try Telerik Fdeck. Although it is a mouth full to say the client itself is super easy to use and gives you very clean Facebook Experience that should not be passed up.

Telerik Fdeck (TF) brings a Metro UI type feel to Facebook. Soon as you log into the program you will see a very different user interface (UI) than commonly used. On the top you will have access to you media such as
photos, contacts, or inbox. If you have hated going back and forth between your profile page and homepage on Facebook to look what you are looking for TF takes care of that problem.