Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Firefox at it again

Mozilla has just released the Beta version of Firefox 10. It looks really clean and you can clearly see they are trying to streamline the browser. As you browse around you will notice some functions disappear. Don’t worry as they will appear again when they are needed.

Firefox is really trying to get extensions to work a lot better than previous version. With so many changes over the years I am sure you have come across situations where you favorite extension did not work the latest version of Firefox. That is one reason I started using Google Chrome.

Web browsing seems to be very good. I have not run any speed test however visually it seems to be a lot faster than IE or Chrome. I will keep you updated with speed test as they come available.

There is also a whole new set of developer tools that have been added. Open the browser at the top left sections you will see Firefox in orange. Select that drops down to find Web Developer tools.  As you can see there are a lot of nifty features for you to play with.

As I said above the only issue I have ever had with Firefox are all the versions that come out. It seems as though they make big leaps when new versions come making them feel incomplete. I am sure if it seems steadier such as Chrome they will get a lot more users in the long run. I do have to hand it to Firefox as they were the Browser that took me away from IE. So I will always have special place for them.

To try out the beta version download it at Mozilla link below.  
Firfox Beta 10 Link