Friday, February 10, 2012

Evernote remember everything

As I am sure many of you have heard of Evernote. However do you know what it does?  If not you are missing on a great opportunity of remembering part of your life.

There are many things that Evernote offer that you cannot get anywhere else. For one it Syncs across all of your devices and it does so very simply. If you want to have a very complete record of life events I think this is one of the easiest ways of doing. Granted you can also do this on Facebook but sometimes it is
better to have something more personal.

I have used it for a variety of notes that I wanted to remember and have set up different folders for different events. For one I have a folder with music lyrics. Why because sometimes I just want to know the words of a song while a make an a** of myself on the karaoke stage. I also have on for dreams and a journal.

I think one of the coolest ways to use it is for a journal. If you carry your phone like most of us do you can track everything you do. For instance if you take a picture it will upload to Evernote you can either take notes there or wait till you get home and add some more. It really is all up to you.

If you do take a lot of pictures or videos you might run out of room for the month. There is a limit which is really the only drawback. I will be honest I use it more for writing so that has never close to becoming an issue.
Give it a try on your computer, phone , or tablet. You will not be disappointed.