Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Galaxy Note 5.3 inch Behemoth

The Galaxy Note

The new Galaxy Notes is a 5.3 inch Behemoth of a phone. I have to give it to Samsung for coming out with something that has not been seen. I am curious to see if it catches on or fizzles out like the Ford Edsel. At 5.3 inches it seem easier to call it a tablet however Samsung is not calling it a tablet. Instead they are calling it a Superphone. It seems reasonable because I cannot think of anything else to call it either.

It is going to be powered by 2500 mAh battery that should give you about 13.5 hours of 3g talk time. That is nearly twice the amount of the average phone out at the moment. I am sure running it with a dimmed screen you will be able to us it heavily and make it through the whole day.

Performance will come from a dual core, 1400 MHz cortex processor and 1024 MB of ram. It should have no issue running any of the apps on the Market at this point in time. It will have 32 GB of onboard storage and an SD slot for another 32 GB more than plenty for a massive soundtrack collection.

As for the Camera it comes with an 8mp rear camera and 2mp front facing camera. It will be the best phone for front facing calls to date. It does fall a little short on the camera app as for some reason it seems a little laggy. Hopefully with the ICS update it will smooth that out.

Besides the size one thing does stand out on the Note. It comes with a Stylus that is referred to as the S-pen. It has more functions that a stylus. The S-pen has a button that you will hold down to give it extra options. For example if you hold the button down and hold the S-pen to the screen it will take a screen shot. Also holding the button on the S-pen will make it easier to navigate through the phone.

The only thing really working against the phone is its size. If you are Shaq it might just seem like a regular phone in comparison. For the rest of us it might be a pain to lug around. Especially you hipsters with tight pants. At 299.99 with contract it might all be that bad. If the batter life is true I might just be picking one up. For more info follow the Galaxy Note link below.