Sunday, February 12, 2012

HDR Camera for some better pictures

Are you looking to take some better pictures with your phone? If so try HDR Camera on Android. It is a great way to capture images that just need a little more pop to them. Now I know there are a lot of camera apps out there and a lot of them simply suck. However HDR Camera does stand out from its peers. 

With stock camera on your phone or many other camera apps you take a single picture for you result. So a lot of the detail from you photo might be missing. With HDR it takes three images and combines them to give you a pretty
detailed image with vivid colors. I will be honest I was a skeptical at first however the more I used the more I have realized its potential.

If you are trying to take pictures of little kids that are moving around it might a little difficult. I am sure many of you have had this problem even with the stock camera. One thing has surprised me. If a child is moving around and you use HDR there is a chance it will render the images together giving you the image you wanted. 

The best way to use the HDR is on stationary objects. When it takes three images there is somewhat of a pause so if things are moving around it could really be a challenge getting the image you want. I have also adjusted the setting to image sized 6.4Mpix 16:9. I think this is the best setting for photos I take. Mess around with the setting and get what works for you. 

 There is a free version and a paid version of the app. I just use the free one as it does what I need. Granted the ads do get  a little annoying at times. I would wait to buy it until it is on special. I have seen it for free and today the day I am writing this article it is .99 on the market. 

Below are some photos for comparison

Android Stock : Looks a little hazy and color does not pop. 

HDR Camera: Look at the crips lines, color, and haziness