Saturday, February 25, 2012

Next generation stealth bomber

The United States has passed a bill to spend nearly 4 billion dollars on their new long range stealth bomber. Keep in mind that is only the cost for development not the actual plane itself and there has been no mention of testing. There is talk of this plane being developed to infiltrate China's airspace. It will be interesting, with all the budget cuts, to see if this plane ever takes off at all.

The cost of the development of this
plane seems like a lot of money, however you have to consider the last stealth fighters cost  1 billion dollars each. God only knows how much money
was spent on the actual development and testing before it was even produced. I am sure it is going to be an expensive plane, if the F-22 is any indication of what future fighters will cost. 

It is very interesting that there is so much talk about this plane being developed solely for the purpose of infiltrating China's is air space.  If this is true, China should be giving a big thank you to the United States for the heads up of what's to come. I am sure with this knowledge they will start seeking to develop their own plane to compete with United States. Radar systems will probably get a second look as well. I really don't ever see the US going to war with China it will probably be of a Cold war style battle which seems to be already in the works. 

With all the budget cuts and military cut-backs, it is a wonder that the US is even considering building this type of plane. They have already terminated F-22 and  F-35 seems uncertain as well.  Those are two major airplanes introduced to the US military over the past decade that should have ruled the air for at least another 20 years. 

There are currently only 19 B-2 bombers in our arsenal which started being built back in 1989. They had planned to build a 132 bombers however with the enormous price tag the US only built 20. It would be pretty kickass for the United States to remind the world that we are still an innovative force to be reckoned with.  Currently they plan on building up to one hundred of these airplanes. My guess is that are considering this they're planning to replace the B-1 and The B-2. Two great aircraft that will be reaching their service limits by the time new long range bomber comes into action.