Saturday, February 4, 2012

QuickPic for a faster Android Gallery

Would you like a good upgrade to the Android gallery? QuickPic might be one of the best alternatives. It is so much better than the stock gallery in Android that Google should really just buy them out. The interface is laid out much better and it seems to load a hell of a lot quicker.

When I rooted my phone and got rid of HTC Sense the gallery was one of two options I actually missed. QuickPic is very
similar to the Sense gallery however there are a few more options that are just not available on sense.

As I said above it seems to load a lot faster than the stock Android Gallery. On that fact alone it is worth trying out. I also love how it puts the newest pictures on top instead of the bottom like Sense. Now one of the coolest options is the ability to hide or exclude photos and folders. Not only will it hide them in QuickPic it will also hide them in the Android Gallery.

There are a couple of differences in hiding and excluding. If you are hiding a folder it will hide the content in that folder. If you download anything else to that folder it will show up in the gallery as it has not yet been hidden. You will need to unhide that folder and then hide it again if you do not want those images to be seen.

If you exclude a folder it will only exclude it in QuickPic. It will still show up in the Android gallery. I love this feature because there are those apps that keep adding annoying pictures to your gallery against your will. With that being said if you exclude the folder of those apps pictures will keep getting added but you will not see them when you open up your gallery. I really enjoy this option and as you can see there is a big difference from hiding and excluding. 

The number one feature of this app is that is free. For free it is definitely worth a try check it out yourself. I have provided a link to the market below.