Monday, February 20, 2012

SMS Back up + Back up your messages

Are you getting a new phone or do you have to do a factory reset? If you need to do either of the two and are worried about losing your text messages the best app to use is SMS Backup +. SMS Backup+ backs up your entire sms, mms, and call log to your Gmail account.

I really love this app because it is so easy to use. After you connect you simply back up your messages. What happens is that your messages get saved to your Gmail account. If you look under Labels in Gmail you will see  the label (SMS). Simply select it and you
will see all of your messages. Do not freak out if you see someone you regularly text with only 100 sms. For some reason it breaks them up in 100 sms segments. When they get restored they will look normal on your phone.

This app is also great even you just want to back up your messages on a regular basis. There is an auto backup option so you can schedule you phone to back up your messages after every message or once a day. If this is something you want to do regularly I would suggest doing it once a day. I myself only back up my messages about once a week.  I don’t like apps running often in the background as they eat up battery life.

One important thing! If you are going to restore your messages do a backup before you start the restore. Let’s say you have not backed up your messages in a week. When you hit restore you will lose all of you current messages and only have the messages from the last time you did a backup. It erases all of you messages on a restore so be careful.

I have had one issue with this app recently that I would like to tell you about. When I do the restore for some reason it has not given me my most recent messages. I have seen this might be a timing issue. My old phone never had this problem. If this is something that happens to you when you do a restore simply hit stop towards the end of the restore. Doing so will keep all your messages on your phone.

Some of the concerns I mentioned above make it sound scary however it is a simple tool to use. I have provided a link below if you would like to try it out.  

SMS Backup+ on the Market