Monday, March 5, 2012

360 Cities Panoramic Photography

If you are not able to travel or would just like to experience another part of the world you should try 360 Cities. They have hundreds of Panoramic images from around the world that are just spectacular. 

You can always use Google maps but you will never get close to the quality of images on 360 Cities. There is a picture of London that is 80 Gigapixels yes 80 Gigapixels! It is easy to spend hours looking at this image to find WTF moments.

There are also other large images so if you got a little time to spare or just need a little escape check them out at the link below.

360 Cities Link

If you are interested in taking Panoramic photos and would like them to get distributed. Try Panomonkey. Panomonkey is operated by 360 Cities. This might be a great way to get you images seen around the world.  

Panomonkey Link