Monday, March 12, 2012

Android Apps 3/12/12

Bills Reminder

If you are looking for an app specifically made to handle you finances you might want to try Bills Reminder. Yes Bills that was not a typo.  Bills Reminder is a handy tool for your all of your upcoming bills.  There are also many tools that let you know how much your spending or to let you know how much you owe. Get your copy on the Amazon Market for free today. Remember its for free so give it a try. 

Camera Zoom FX

If you are looking for a pretty good Camera app you should try Camera Zoom. You can take pictures and immediately make changes to the shot such as adding colors or effects. There are also other packs (add-ons) that you can download so you can get extra backgrounds or props. Camera Zoom is a pretty fun camera to mess with and is not that complicated. It is being offered for .25 cents on Google Play. For .25 cents you are getting a great deal. Check it out on Google Play below.