Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BlueStacks: Android apps on your desktop

Have you ever wanted to play some of you favorite apps on your desktop? If so you might want to try BlueStacks app player. BlueStacks just released a beta version of their app that will allow you to use some of your favorite Android apps on you desktop.

It might not work on older computers but if you have newer computer you should be in luck. For those of you with older computers you will get a warning saying some applications might not work without HD capabilities. They do have an alternate download however it might not work.

After you get BlueStacks installed you will have a launcher bar that list the following:

  • My Apps
  • Popular Download
  • App Store
  • Cloud Connect
In My Apps you will be able to see and open any of you downloaded apps. Popular Downloads shows you a list of some of the most popular apps. The apps store gives you the ability to download apps. In this case you will be able to use Amazon Appstore, GetJar, and 1 Mobile Market. Unfortunately Google Play is not offered. The last launcher icon is Cloud connect. With Cloud connect you will be able to sync you phone with your computer. This will give you the ability sync you game play with your computer over to you phone. 

The apps look great on your desktop however BlueStacsk overall is a little laggy. It takes a little bit of time to move from one area to another. It gets a little annoying however once you get into the application you want to use it runs fine. Another annoyance is that you cannot hide the launcher bar. There is an X that will allow you to hide the launcher bar however when you do so, there is still a little icon that always stays visible.

So far it is only in Beta version so hopefully when it is later released in a stable version BlueStacks will have fixed all of the speed issues. For now you will have to try out for yourself and see what you think. Below is a link to the official BlueStacks website if you come up with any tips or tricks please share it below.

BlueStacks Official Website