Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boat Browser for Android

If you are looking for another browser to use on you Android device you might want to try Boat Browser. I found it on on accident the other day on Android Play (Android Market) and have been rather impressed.By its name it is something I would not typically check out however some of the screen shots looked good so I thought what the h***

When I first downloaded the app I thought it was junk. When the app first opened all I got was a white screen after a few tries I gave up on the app.

This morning after a couple of reboots since I installed it and actually started working. Problems with the app probably due to me being in a hurry. It has been stable ever since a re-boot.

For most part Boat Browser is like any other browser however there are some real good distinctions as well. The setting are very simple to use. If you have used Pinterest and have used the setting you notice similarities. Boat Browser gives you similar options to turn functions on or off. I would give the setting a 10 out of 10 in style.

Adding a bookmark is very easy as well. There is a button on top left hand side  to save pages right away. This makes saving pages extremely easy. The multi-tabs work about the same as most browsers however opening or closing them seems a little easier than most and the animations are pretty nice.

Boat Browser has theme support so you can customize it to make it a little more your own. There are two version available on the Market. On is called Mini Boat Browser and the other just called Boat Browser. Mini was made for older phones that just don't have the horsepower to run Boat Browser regular.

Try it out yourself as long as the Boat Browser team does not mess with this app it should be one to check out.

Update 3/17/2012
I have been using Boat Browser for a week now. I keep having issues with Boat Browser starting up on a white screen, and having to force close. When it works all is good however, for most part I continue to have problems with Boat Browser. I will probably uninstall it for now. If anyone has suggestions to fix this continuing problem please post below. Thank you,