Saturday, March 24, 2012

Disqus Comment System

You may have browsed various websites and noticed some of the comment systems across different boards look somewhat alike. Disqus is a popular comment system that is used by many other websites. Some of the most popular websites that use Disqus are CNN and 

Discus works on various sites which makes it a little easier to monitor comments if you multiple sites to keep track of. You can also install it on various blogging sites as well. What you will have to do is Register you site with Disqus and then install the code on your site. For many of the blogging sites Disqus does a great job of auto installing itself for you. 

Don't be scared of the installation process it is very easy to do. It took us about 30 minutes from not knowing anything about Disqus to getting it installed on our site. There is an installation tool that practically runs itself through the whole process.

You can set up a free account which works great on many occasions. However if you have a big business or want need to do a lot o tracking there are premium accounts available. To the left is a screen shot of current prices and what they cover(click to enlarge). As you can see you would have to have a lot of traffic to justify having just a professional account.

The Awesome features

It is easy to monitor comments on multiple sites - Simply log into you Discus account and you will see all of you comments from the various sites you have set up. 

People who comment can upload videos as well - When individual leave a comment it is very easy for them to leave a  video as well. 

Visitors can sign in with various accounts to leave a comment - Visitors can use such sites as Twitter and Facebook to leave you a comment. 

The interface looks a lot better than stock comments systems - This blows away many of the stock comments systems. It just looks clean and up-to-date. 

The not so Awesome

Overrides the stock comment systems on blogging sites - If you uninstall Disqus from your site you will lose all of the comments left behind. Also any previous comments will not be visible after Disqus is installed. 

Price for Professional and VIP accounts are very expensive for the regular users - At the prices of 299 and 999 per month. Only big corporations will have the ability to use the Professional or VIP accounts.

Overall the Disqus comment system is a great system to have on your site. It is easy to use and easy to manage characteristics of any great product. It would best to install it soon as you start up a new site or have come to a point that you just want something and easy to manage. If you have a test site give it a try or try by leaving a comment below.

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