Friday, March 9, 2012

Android Market = Google Play

Alright so many of you might have been confused due to the name change of the Google Market. So it is clear it is now Google play. Over the past year on the Android Market you may have noticed the introduction of movies, books, and music all together. The name change is to reflect that consolidation of those services, and to make Google reach out to everyone not just Android users.

All of the indvidual servise will run as they have been. You will still have the ability to load 20,000 songs to Google's Play Music. As for Movies you are only able to watch them on your computer or your phone if you downloaded an app and your Android Device. However, if you have an HD out
on your phone you could play those movies on your TV. One thing that is awesome about movies is that they do offer .99 cent movie rentals. That beats RedBox prices it will be interesting to so how many titles they add to that collection.

As you can tell everything is cloud based. As more features come together I am sure any changes you make with your phone you will instantly be able to see those changes on your phone as well. Those of you with Android devices have seen this with Android Market apps. Soon as you make a purchase or wish to install an app online it almost instantly starts to download on your phone. 

One rumor that is being spread around is that Google+ will tie in with Google Play. If this is true it will give Google+ a tool not found on any other social service website. Maybe this is a reason behind the privacy changes at Google recently. Anyhow with the change comes discounted apps. I have provided the links below if you are interested in checking them out. 

If you would like to read more about Google Play from Google follow the link below.

Google Play Apps



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