Thursday, March 8, 2012

Looking for a job or employees? Try Indeed

Are you looking for work or looking to hire new employees? If so an online tool that is a must use is It is one of the best online tools for finding work or a pool of new hires. It is surprising how many people do not know about Indeed so pass the word.

If you are looking for work you seem to get better links for actual jobs. With Monster and CareerBuilder you can get a lot of bogus leads. This can be very annoying and if you have used them you probably started getting calls from all sorts of random people.
Indeed seems to do better at filtering out these types of jobs. They do come up but not nearly as often.

It is also easy to post a resume online with Indeed. Simply make an account, fill out your details, and submit your resume. It will be in a data base where employers can search for you based on the information you provided.

One thing that is great is that potential employers must email you to get your personal contact information. Many spammers will not go out of their way to get your information. Also if someone is interested hiring you they should provide their contact information.

For employers submitting a job posting to Indeed is not terribly difficult. Pricing is a little different with Indeed. When you post a job you pay per click. Each click can cost in-between .25 and 1.00.  You ad will run for however much money you wanted to spend on that posting.  

To get a good response you should be detailed in type of employee you are looking for and qualifications for the job. This will deter some individual who are just looking for anything or trying to see if they need any qualifications for the job.

Searching for employees is great. You do not have to pay as you do on other job service sites. You simply make an account and start to search by your location. When you do a search you will get resumes with names but you will not get any contact information. Indeed has set it up so you have to email the prospect via Indeed. This helps filter out spammers from various agencies. If you are serious about hiring the person you looked up, it is important to give them accurate contact information. Not doing so could lead to them not calling you back.

Good luck and check out Indeed at the link below.