Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Inkless Pen

If you are an avid writer you might want to consider an Inkless pen. There are great advantages over a traditional pens like having the to write on different types of paper or in bad weather. This could make it very attractive to people who actually never lose their pens. 

The pen works by its special metal tip. A small portion of it rubs off into the paper leaving your marking. It is much like when you get a paper clip and rub it on paper and you get streaks. The inkless pen just has more to rub off. 

With no ink you will not have to worry about it getting clogged up or having it break and making a mess in your purse or bag. That is
pretty much a selling point for me, as I have had pens break in my laptop bag pretty much ruining my bag.

Inkless pens also write more like a pencil and you will have no need to sharpen it. However one of the best features is that it does no smudge.  If you use a pen or pencil it is very easy to smudge your writing which can be very distracting especially on glossy paper.

I was very intrigued by the concept of the inkless pen and as I read more reviews I seemed to have got disappointed. Many reviews gave it a one start rating. Some of the complaints include: smoothness of writing, erasing seems to be easy, and dullness after a few days. It also cost nearly $30.00 so if you are one that looses pens this is not for you. 

Your gadget loving friend or family member might love. If you would like more information about the inkless pen follow the manufactures website below.