Monday, March 26, 2012


RunKeeper is great app for runners to keep track of their running stats. With this app you can keep track of many stats through the GPS system in your phone. So if you like to challenge yourself and others RunKeeper might be a must have app. There are many features of RunKeeper that make it one of the best running apps for your device. 

With RunKeeper you will be able to keep track of the distance you ran through GPS. Not only will it keep track of the distance it will also keep track of the elevation, speed, and average pace of you run. If you go all out and buy a heart monitor it will also track heart beat through the run as well. After every run all of your information get logged into the RunKeeper website. 

On the RunKeeper website you will be able to login and look at all of your running stats. It keeps track of all running information from when you started using RunKeeper. It is great at seeing
how far you have run on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This works at a great motivation tool to keep pushing yourself. If you pay for an Elite membership you can see a couple other stats as well. However the free version should be more than enough for the average runner.

There is also a Facbook integration which makes it easy to add friends and share your run with friends on your timeline.  When you add a friends you will be able to see their stats and routes they take as well. It is great if you have friend that is competitive and you guys just can't meet up on the same day for a run. It is very easy to challenge each other and see who is the fastest. 

Over all RunKeeper is a great app for any runner or people thinking about getting into running. The basic application is free and covers just about everything you would need. The Elite version cost 4.99 a month or 19.99 for the year. It covers a few more options however nothing really worth having to pay for a subscription for. Give it a try for yourself on Andriod or iPhone. 

Below are the link for RunKeeper on Google Play, iTunes, and RunKeeper. If you would like people to add to you to RunKeeper add your username in the comment section below.