Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sony Tablet P

Just when I think Sony is getting things back together they go an pull something off like the Tablet P. Just by looking at the Tablet P you get the suspicion there is something wrong. It is great that Sony is trying to invent new devices, but with devices like the Tablet P they are the smart kid no one talks to. 

Let take a look at some of the great features of the Tablet P

Dual Screen - Books are hell of cool on the Tablet P as one page is displayed on each page. It is one of the first devices that makes it seem like you are actually reading a book. 

Playstation Certified - You will be able to play some of your favorite classic Playstation titles. 

DLNA - It will be easy to hook up the device with any DLNA compatible devices. So streaming music and videos should be pretty easy. 

4G -  You will be able to use At&t to stay connected at all times.


Thing that are horrible about the Tablet P


Design - When folded over it looks like a large cigarette holder. The dual screens with the large gap in-between them just looks a little off. 

Camera - At 5 megapixel the Tablet P is far  behind other devices. Even the software is outdated.
Honeycomb - You would think any new device would come out with ICS however the Tablet P does not and it just might be underpowered to handle ICS. 

Processor  and Memory - The Tablet P comes with a 1GHz dual core Tegra 2 processor and 1 GB of Ram. Where is the quad core processor? 

Battery Life - 3080 mAh is a great battery for a phone however for a dual screen devices you are looking to burn through that fairly quickly. 

Overall the Tablet P is is a dud

It has a poor design added by poor performance. It is hard to believe the guys at Sony actually thought it would be a good idea to build this device. Sony really need to focus on bringing more devices like the Sony Experis S instead of focusing on such a weird device. Sony for goodness sakes learn from your mistakes you guys are more than capable of producing awe-inspiring devices.
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