Friday, March 23, 2012

What is Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense? Ads are just about everywhere you can imagine! Nearly all  website visit you will see some sort of ad.

One of the most widely used advertising programs used by websites is Google AdSense. You may have seen their ads with out even noticing. Typically on a corner of an ad you will see which company is advertising. In the case of AdSense you will see words that say AdChoices. It is one of the easiest ways to detect if a website is using Google AdSense.

With Google AdSense you will be able to generate revenue through ads on your website. Revenue is generated through people clicking on your ads and by the page views your site gets.

You will make the most amount of money if someone clicks on the ad on your site. This is great however not many people click on ads. Just think about how many ads you have clicked on out of all the WebPages you have seen. Probably not very many as people typically read the content of the article and bounce out.

The second way people earn money is by the amount of times your Webpage gets seen. Advertisers will pay some money if their ad is displayed and seen so many times. This only pays pennies per hundreds of webpage views.  So if you get a lot of traffic this could really pay off as a steady income.

When you combine the two there is potential to make some money. Don’t assume that you will be making hundreds of dollars if you website barley gets seen. It takes time to build an audience. The best way to build that audience is to provide quality content and advertise your content on various social media sites. It can take some time however with patience should come some sort of reward.

If you are interested in getting Google AdSense for you website the process is pretty easy. If you have a blogger account and have been using it for some time it is probably the easiest way to get AdSense. You will need good content and a good amount of post to be considered. Adding links to other WebPages seems to help quite a bit. If you have a website pretty much the same applies. Having a good amount of traffic will go a long way in getting approved.

With our GadX blog we got approved after a couple of months. We made sure to get quite a few post up and running before we applied for Google Adsense. All in all the approval process was pretty easy.

One you get approved there are many tools on the Google Adsense site to help you be successful. From customizing ads that you would like to be seen to guides on the layout of your ads on your site. Following these guides will ensure that you are not going overboard and providing the best content available.

As for the pay out of Google AdSense you will get paid after your account has reached a hundred dollars. As I said above this could take some time if you do not have a lot of traffic so being patient and working hard on a new site will be your biggest challenge.

Below are some Google AdSense links to get you startedt. If you have any helpful tips please comment below.