Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass has introduced a pair of Smart Glasses that are pretty much a wearable cell phone. Trying to picture a wearable computer has been difficult given the limitations of technology. People have tried in the past, only to come up with glasses you had to strap in with a computer. They looked more like a rigged bomb than anything else. With Project Glass theses glasses seem to pull it off. 

Something that has always killed wearable glasses is battery life. With the changes in battery technology, and Google keeping these glasses simple, they might be able to pull off a device that is actually practical. 

In the video posted below, you will notice that the glasses do no feature a full fledged operating system like you would find on a phone or a computer.
It is running some type of Google Operating system that is integrated with Google Plus. It has very simple icons and small pop-ups that are displayed as you ask it to do a certain task. 

The text messaging, video chat, maps, and social integration all look great. There is no way to picture making a wearable computer any easier than they have at this point in time. Keeping it simple the way they have makes it not use as much battery life, and it does not take up the whole screen, so you can actually see what the hell you are doing. 

The only problem that remains is trying to find a way to not look like Geordi La Forge. As everyone gets more socially integrated into some kind of online network, it easy to see the disconnect of an actual conversation in everyday life. You can already see it now when you go anywhere. People seem to pay attention to their phones more than what is actually going around them. 

With these glasses it might be the same, however it could go either way. You will either see more of what is going on, or you will be sitting there looking like a zombie as you stare off into your online space. So don't worry girls because some of those creepers might just be starring off at something else. 

If you have any comments or questions please post them below. Also see Project Glass Google Plus page below.