Monday, April 16, 2012

NodeBeat for putting together some tunes

If you like putting together some tunes you might want to try Nodebeat. Nodebeat is a simple tool that lets you create your own beats in a simple creative way. It is available on Android and in IOS. 

How it works is that you will have blank screen. On the left side you will have the notes that are in forms of circles such as the image shown. The main circle in the middle shoots out the beat. When it hits the other circle it produces a sound. 

Each one of the colored circles represents a different type of sound. As you drag the circles further away from the main circle it will take longer for the beat to make a sound. So all of that goes into timing.

Overall this is a pretty fun app for the people who can make those sounds in their minds come alive. For everyone else well it might be fun however you might get the urge to throw you phone out the window. 

You can pick up this app for free on the Amazon Market today 4/16/2012 for free. It is generally listed for 1.98 on Google Play and other services. Below are some links if you are interested in checking NodeBeat out.

NodeBeat Official Site

NodeBeat on iTunes

NodeBeat on Amazon free on 4/16/2012

NodeBeat on Google Play