Monday, April 2, 2012

Samsung Flexible Phone

According to news outlets, Samsung is going to release flexible phones sometime this year. If you are unfamiliar with flexible phones, they will be able to twist much as the ones seen in this photo. Samsung has already released phones with curved glass, adding flexible glass is another way of showing that they are ahead of the game. 

In all practicality however, why would you need a phone that flexes. It might be pretty cool to show off for a while, and it might just be a little more comfortable in your pocket. However, after that it will just be a phone that is floppy.

These screens however might be really good in other applications for various industries. Hospitals for instance, always being ahead of the technology game, might pick these up rather fast. There could also be good uses for flexible screens in the automotive industry. Just imagine having some of the screens in your dashboard or in use on your control panel. Flexible screens could really make your car pop! 

So flexible phones might be a great way to introduce these products to the masses. In the next 10 years watch these screens become pretty common-place.  With such a wide variety of uses for flex screens other than phones, it will be hard not to buy some product that will have these screens incorporated. 

Samsung seems to be doing a great job of staying on top as one of best screen manufactures in the world. With these flex screens, you will see them have a competitive edge over others. After all it is who comes out with them first that people remember.

Watch the video below of these cool looking flex screens.