Sunday, January 29, 2012

Groceries made easier

Are you having a trouble remembering the the shopping list at home? Our Groceries might be your answer. 

Our Groceries is a great Android app that lets you share your list with whoever you want. When you install the app go to the setting and select list share. If the person you set up has and Android device and the app installed they will be able to see and make any changes on that list. This especially useful if one of you makes it to the store before the other. 
There is also an option of email that list to someone if they do not have the app installed on their phone. So yeah if your family is using this device there is no excuse when you forget something on the list. 

The updates are nearly instant to all devices when you input something new. I wish there were apps like this that were so easy to use. Believe me when I tell you this app is super simple to use. The one and only think I do not like about this app are the ads. You can buy a key for 4.99, deal with ads, or root your phone to take the ads off. 

Our Groceries is available with Iphone, Blackberry, and over the web. The days of I forgot what was on the list is pretty much over. I hope you still have the skill of babel to save you from you spouse.