Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CyanogenMod best Android Rom

I am a huge fan of CyanogenMod. If you are unfamiliar with a custom rom I feel sorry for you because you are getting ripped off by your phones carrier and manufacturer. Know I have to admit I was very reluctant to do anything to my phone for that fact I could have bricked it (made it not usable).

The first phone I tried was a Droid Incredible it was very sluggish and really starting to piss me off. All the Updates from Verizon did not make it any better. It got so bad that the I decided to by a Thunderbolt. The phone was great however it was still sluggish at time. At this point it thought F**it I will try the rooting process and see if it works on my old phone. With a little bit of work success.

My Incredible turned out great and ended up being a lot faster than my Thunderbolt. I would even go as far to say it was twice as fast in many cases. It also comes with a ton of features that you would normally have to find on the Android Market. Such as: ADW (not EX), superuser agent, theme chooser, download manager, and the ability to change the processor settings.

One of the only thing that irritates me is pictures and comments from your Facebook do not sync to your contacts like they do with Motorola and HTC phones. I have yet to find a third party tool that will work nearly as well and believe me I have tried numerous apps. If you have an old phone and about $15 dollars to spend it is totally worth trying. Below are the tools and links I used. To give you a heads up it can be difficult for some and you could possible brick you phone. (try at your own risk)

Use Unrevoked to Root you phone. One thing with Unrevoked I had to use a few different computers to get to work on my phone. It seemed to work better with an older xp computer.
Rom Manager
I used Rom Manager to get the CyanogenMod Rom and to open and back up my old system. I used the paid version however I have seen a lot of videos people using the free version
Check out the CyanogenMod website as an instructors manual.

Good luck and if you have any tips or suggestions on rooting your phone please submit it below.