Sunday, January 22, 2012

BlackBerry Dying

Just about everyone has been seeing BlackBerry die for awhile. I am sure you can all agree with that. BlackBerry used to have the most sophisticated polished smartphones around. Sometimes I still think they were a bit  more polished then the most popular Iphone or Android devices.

The big problem seems to be the people running the company. If BlackBerry would get their head's out of their a** there is a pretty good chance they could produce an excellent phone and a large amount of
apps that went with it. Unfortunately that does not seem to be happening.

Next would be their secure service feature that they offer to companies. This seems to be very strong however everyone is trying to pick away at it. If BlackBerry has the same attitude they did with their phones thinking no one can match them they will run into serious issues. Especially if they keep having outage incidents like they did last year.

The last thing BlackBerry needs to do is to start producing is a polished finished product. They used to do it and the phones were great. A prime example of failure with their product was the Playbook. There has a been a lot of rumors that their upcoming phones have issues with the operating system working with their network. If this is true BlackBerry will have hit rock bottom.

Okay BlackBerry get it together I would not mind owning another one of you phones someday. But your gonna have to work hard because I love my Android Headset.