Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tiny Tower = Sim Tower Lite

Are you looking for a game that does not require you to sit down and play for hours and hours? Well Tiny Tower might be the game you are looking for. The premise of the game is to build your tower as tall as you can. Much like Sim Tower with a lot less movement.

You have to build apartment and shops to generate revenue so you can build the next floor in your tower. There are five different categories of shops to build. I strongly recommend you build an even amount. Your apartments will have six people that reside and you
will have to put them to work in the shops. Make sure they have a good skill set and profitability of your shop  will be better.

One of the best ways to boost game at the beginning is to save 50 tower dollars. After you have done so go to the bank and you can trade them in
for 100,000 coins. With that money you can build quite a bit of floors to get good revenue in.

Have fun getting sucked into this app it is available for Android and Iphone.