Saturday, January 28, 2012

HD WWll are truly amazing

WWII was one of the craziest wars ever in human history. What made it more interesting is cameras started producing great pictures. The only issue was these cameras took black and white pictures. So the images we get in our minds are black and white. 

There were color cameras during this period however they were not the best. However now in the digital age they are able to get some of that film and make pictures look brand new. Below is one such link.

The website has a great assortment of WWII HD color photos. The pictures they have on their site are the best I have ever seen. They are such fine detail you would think they were taken last week.

I have also attached a link for they have over 500 color photos of WWII. They are not near the quality of the first website however every time I sit around and wonder how it would have look those types of images come to mind.

If you have any such website you would like to suggest please let me know so we can get it posted for others to see.

Youtube is a great site to find WWII color videos. Watch the video of Midway in color below you will see what I mean.