Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chrome Beta for Android

Finally my favorite browser comes to Android. I love Chrome on my desktop its is clean simple and easy to use. The same comes to Chrome beta for Android. 

When you open it up is is much like any other browser. You have your home page and can do searches. When you start opening multiple tabs it is very different. For instance with the stock browser or Dolphin browser you have to scroll to the top
and find the tab. With Chrome you swipe over to the other tabs in the same fashion you would swipe through pictures. It is a great feature and something I have personally wanted for a long time on a browser. 

So if you use Chrome at home it will easily sync with your browser on your phone. Keeping all of your favorites and search history on your phone has never been easier. They also added in a few features that work with the  accelerometer phone giving it a real unique feel. 

Chrome is still in beta so it can be a little laggy at times. Also with all of the features incorporated with Chrome Beta if your phone is old it could be a little slow. If you do not have Ice Cream Sandwich you are also SOL as it is not available on the Gingerbread yet. I am sure the team at Chrome will get it all together in the near future until then we'll have to wait.  

Chrome Beta for Android