Wednesday, February 8, 2012

US Navy's latest railgun

Look to the right and it looks like a regular type of gun. It is a gun but far from regular. It is a prototype of the US Navy’s latest railgun. The version shown here is a 32 megajoule version. BAE which is producing this in-particular weapon does plan to get 64 megajoule versions later down the road.

At this point in time the military guns
are able to hit targets 15 miles out effectively. They can score some hits with GPS at up to 30 miles if conditions are right. With this gun they hope to hit targets in-between 50 to 100 nautical miles. That is a tremendous difference and if they get up to 64 megajoule they hope to hit targets at 250 nautical miles.

At these speeds this gun is going to be hitting its opponents and literally obliterated theme. Take this into consideration bullets from a sniper rifle travel at about 2500 to 3500 fps. Projectiles from this weapon are about 8720 fps. I think the pink mist will steam at those speeds. The only peace of mind an individual might have by being hit with one of these projectiles is not knowing what the h*** hit them.

Countries around the world are building these weapons. So in the not so far distant future we will see these guns being used against each other. Pretty scary however compared to a nuke umm pretty light. I will keep you posted as more information on these types of guns come out.