Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Motorola Droid 4 its pretty nice

The Droid 4 is a nice update to the aging Droid line.  It has the look of the Droid Razor which is very nice indeed. I really don’t know that many people that use a keyboard on their phone anymore but I know they are out there and I would strongly recommend this phone to them. They promise to have made huge improvements to the keyboard compared to previous generations.
The design of the phone looks to be as sturdy as the older line up which is expected. It seems to be about the same as the Droid Razor with Gorilla Glass and Water repellant protection (Liquipel?) I am happy to see it will have Gorilla Glass I have a few friends that managed to crack their screens up pretty good. I am not sure how as my two 1/2 year old son has used our original Droid as a toy for about a year now with no issue. I am sure he would not be able to break the Droid 4.

One thing I really like about this phone is the size it is going to have 4” screen and not the 4.3 like the Razor. The reason I like this is because my hands are a little smaller so if I am trying to mess with my phone one handed (when I am driving) I have all sorts of issues. So 4” inches are very welcomed for the smaller people on this planet.

It comes with 8MP rear camera which takes 1080p video. It also comes with a front facing camera for video calling. Droid 4 uses the same HD display technology as the Droid 3, while the Razor has a Super AMOLED display. That is only part I feel falls a little short.

Processing will come from a 1.2 GHz dual processor with 1GB of ram. It will also be 4g capable for those of you who are lucky enough to be in the area. Everything else is pretty standard in today’s smartphone market. If you would like to see a full listing specs check them out at the link below at phone arena.