Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dolphin Browser HD a different type of browser

Are you getting tired of your stock Android browser? Well maybe its time for a change. Possibly a great change. Dolphin browser provides a different type of browsing for your phone.

When you open the Dolphin Browser you will be greeted by your Speed Dial. It has some of the most used apps on the web. You can also customize the speed dial for your favorite websites. I especially like the Hot Apps and Wallpaper dials. On the bottom left corner you will see a hand that is pointing. 

If you select that hand you will notice your screen turns grey and you can draw in it. This is the Gestures part of Dolphin. If you are unfamiliar with Gestures don't worry I am hear to tell you. With Gestures you can you can draw a letter to take you to your favorite website. For instance lets say you make a gesture for Facebook with the letter F. When you draw an F it will take you to Facebook. Pretty cool right! 

With Dolphin some of my friends and I have actually started using it instead of the Twitter or Facebook App. It loads either site fairly fast and you can view it in desktop mode or mobile view. In most cases it seems to load Facebook faster than the Facebook app and it does not continuously work in the background eating up your battery. 

The last option I really like is if you hit the menu button to exit the Browser it will erase all of you web history. Guys I am sure you know how this option would come in handy. 

Problems I have encountered with Dolphin are all of the customization and extension. You could easily be overwhelmed with all of the setting option on the browser. There are also so many extension on the market to choose from you could easily forget what you already have downloaded and what is junk. The only extension I have installed is the Browser Faster extension. To be honest though I am not sure if I notice any changes. 

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. An extension the mark is listed --->Dolphin Browser HD