Thursday, February 2, 2012

mSecure for when you have to many passwords

Do you have a ton of Username and Passwords and can’t seem to remember them? Or how about your write down your password only to forget what you wrote it down for. If so I have found the perfect app for you. mSecure.
mSecure is a great way to keep a listing a record of all your content from around the web or anywhere else you would need to do so. It has so many options that you could be in real trouble if you were to lose you phone. Just putting that out there!

It is a very simple app to use. When you open it up you will see some tools at the bottom. You will have the refresh, search, new record, lock, and setting button. If you select the new record button you will get an option to select what you want to record such as: bank account or web login. You will see there are a ton of options for you to choose from.

As you keep adding records they will be listed alphabetically. That’s where the search button will come in handy. You will also be able to assaying categories which is great to separate them from personal use or work.

One of my favorite options is that you can back it up to your Drop Box account. This has saved my a** a few times from when I deleted the app on accident. I have to say the ease of use and the ability to back it up on Drop Box really got me hooked.

The down side is if you lose your phone and have not set the lock you could be in real danger of giving all of your information to someone else. Secondly is the price. mSecure cost 6.99 – 9.99 on the Market. I got lucky and got it for free on Amazon paid app for free program. Trust me you won’t be disappointed by this app give it a try. You can always buy it on the Market you can get a refund if you request to do so within 15 min. 

mSecure on the Market