Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView Camera Phone

If you are one of those individuals who enjoy taking a ton of pictures this might be the phone for you. Nokia’s 808 PureView Smartphone is more of a Camera than a phone. At 41 megapixels the camera has some real power and will take some excellent photos. You might not want to get rid of you DSLR but your point and shoot may be out the door.

Nokia really seems to want to stay in the game as a phone manufacture. With this phone they really do seem to be getting a lot of needed attention. Their marketing of pushing out the 41 megapixels phone is great. Just about everyone who is into phones has taken the time to read reviews on this phone.
The camera is somewhat of a mystery and may be difficult to understand how it gets 41 megapixel images. It really seems ridicules to think that it will take a true 41 megapixel camera as you would not be able take many images with the standard storage on your phone. Now some of you might be scratching your heads wondering how than could they be calling this a 41 megapixel camera. 

Well the process is a little unique. In most cases we take pixels at face value. So when you take a picture you get what you get. In this case the camera takes a picture with a ton of pixels. Instead of getting one huge picture in a true 41 megapixel camera you get a hell of good looking 5 megapixel image. It does this by condensing  multiple pixels into one super pixel. This is just freaking genius and am sure we will start seeing this in more gadgets. 

Everything else about the phone seems to be pretty standard and not so attractive. For instance it is going to come with Symbian OS. This surprises me as they made such huge deal with Microsoft for them to carry Windows OS. It seems as though Nokia is still trying to make it on its own and not giving up on Symbian. I am sure if this phone takes off it will be a good boost. 

If you would like more information on this phone read the PDF below provided by Nokia. 

Specs of the 808 Purview provided by phone arena. 
808 PureView Specs