Friday, March 30, 2012

Google Tablet coming soon?

Google is planning to go head to head with Apple by releasing Google Tablets. News from the Wall Street Journal says that they will be releasing these tablets as they have with Google phones in the past. It would be great if Google does this as they have with phones and Chrome Books in the past. 

The reason it would be great is that fact that you will be getting Android the way it was intended to be. You will be getting stock Android that will be easier to customize and make your own. You will not have all of the added features from the phone manufactures or providers. In short no bloatware that can wreck havoc on your device.
The one thing that could really make these tablets a success is if they keep their prices reasonable. The Google phones were so pricey that many went with a phone that was reduced by their carriers. It was a lot more cost effective to purchase a phone for 199.99 than a phone for 549.99 that had the same exact features. 

So if Google does mange to keep their tablets at a reasonable price. I am willing to bet they could start to be more competitive in the tablet world. It could turn out to be a win for everyone as well. 

With Google purchasing Motorola they might actually start building a business model like Apple. They will have one device that will stick to its basics but get better as time passes. 

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