Saturday, March 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III quad-core wonder

The Galaxy S III is going to be the next flagship phone for Samsung. It is going to be a quad-core wonder that other phones will strive to be in 2012. It is great that Samsung continues to build fantastic phones. It makes everyone else stand on their toes.

The galaxy will have a 4.8 inch screen and a look very similar to the previous galaxy phones. By the way the pictures look it seems as though the screen will take up most of the faceplate real estate. Leaving little room around the edges. Hopefully this will not leave the screen susceptible to cracking on a short fall.
This phone will come installed with ICS so no waiting for an update. You will also have a devices that was designed for ICS. The normal buttons on the front will be replaced by the buttons on the screen much like the Galaxy Nexus. This will make for a larger viewing area while watching videos.

Although the screen will be very large. It will be much thinner than previous Galaxy devices. This will without a doubt make it much more comfortable in your pockets.

The real specs are yet to be released.  However you might expect following:

  • A 12 megapixel front facing camera 
  • 2 megapixel front facing camera 
  • 2 gigs of ram 
  • 1080 p screen a 16.9 aspect ratio  
  • 4G Capability 
  • NFC Chip

The only thing I have not been able to find is the size of the battery I'm hoping it will have the power to run at least 1 to 2 days with moderate use. 

If everything seems correct Samsung will produce the phone that will likely be the device of the year. Look for it around April to May time frame. Any new information on this phone will be posted as it comes available.