Sunday, March 4, 2012

Web Video Downloader for Android

Have you ever wanted to download an awesome video off your phone? If you have this problem or would simply like to download videos with you phone a must have app is Web Video Downloader. 

Web Video Downloader (WVD) is simply what it's name says. You can download the videos you want from the internet and save them to watch later or in the times you have a bad connection. WVD is a surprisingly good app that works like web browser.
Instead of opening you regular browser you open
WVD. You are able browse which ever website you want. To download a video you have to first select analyze on the menu list.  Then start to watch the video you want to download. Simply select the menu button and select the download list. You will see that your video is downloading as you are watch the video. Pretty cool right! 

I have found that this app works rather well as a browser as well. I have in many cases found that it is quicker than even Dolphin Browser. One thing that rocks is that you can change the UserAgent to desktop. So browsing and downloading videos off of YouTube has never been easier. 

So give it a try with nothing to lose. There is a free version lets you download up to 15 megabytes and the paid version of Web Video Downloader is $2.98 and enables unlimited download. There is a link below WVD Lite on the market and some screen shots of thing to look for when you download the app. 

If you have any questions post a comment below. 

Home Page of WebVideo Downloader

Setting of WVD. Here you can change the user agent and download folder.
On the top you can select the website you want to visit. In this case we got YouTube.

Hit the menu key on you phone and select analyze page. Then select Download list off of the Menu button.

Here you will notice that the video being played is also downloading.