Friday, December 14, 2012

Facebook for Android Update

The new Facebook update is out and it is a great overhaul to its predecessor. 

You tell Facebook took the time and added many features that make you want to use their app. The two biggest updates come to speed and pictures. 

Speed has always been an issue with the Facebook application on Android. With the new update it is noticeably quicker. If you are having a little speed issue it could only be attributed to a slow connection. 

The update to the pictures is great. I had no issue uploading new pictures and the layout to do so is pretty simple. Viewing pictures is and adding likes is also simple. Simply click on a photo and it will pop-up into full screen. From there you will see a menu at the bottom to add a like or a comment. 

One of the biggest updates of all is photo syncing. You can set up the Facebook app auto sync photos. It will sync it to a private folder where you can later select which to post. If you use Google + you are probably familiar with this functions. It is a pretty awesome way of saving pictures as you move on to a new phone. 

As I said above this update is a great overhaul. One thing to keep in mind though it does use quite a bit of RAM. I noticed it uses 50 to 70 mgbs while running. In idle mode I saw about 20 to 30 mgbs. If you have a slower device this could make it run quite a bit slower. Also with it work in the background expect less battery life out of your device. 

Overall you should be pretty happy with the update. If you want to try it out there is a link below. 

Google Play Facebook Link