Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bring back your delete button on the updated Gmail app

Alright so you go the latest and greatest update on your Android Gmail. Now one of the buttons you use the most is now gone. No worries you can bring it back with the instructions below. 

Okay starting out you need push the three little dots. 

That will pop your setting options. Which looks like so. 

After this pops up select settings. You will be taken to you setting page. 

It is important to select the General setting which is highlighted above. Do not select your email. The next screen should look like such: 

When that screen is up select Archive & delete Actions. When you do this another pop will show up. 

Select Show archive & delete like the example above. When you select it the screen will disappear. Go back to you inbox and select multiple emails. You will notice your delete button is back in a good place.  

On a side note if you want to select multiple emails click on the letter or pictures on the left side of the email. You can highlight multiple emails. Before you had the little box that would get filled in showing you had multiple emails selected. Now they get highlighted when you select multiple emails. 

If you have any questions please leave your comment below.