Monday, January 23, 2012

Amazon Appstore W/Free app of the day

If you have an Amazon account and an Android phone you are missing out on some good deals. They offer a paid app for Free everyday. At this time I have got around $300 dollars worth of apps for free. By making it a daily routine I have not missed out when they have offered some of the top Android apps.

To purchase the apps you will need to download Amazon Appstore or log into the Amazon website. I have provided a link below to the Android Amazon website.
Amazon Appstore

At the top you will notice the free app that is offered for the day. Off to the right you will see a sections that says (GET STARTED) with Amazon Appstore. You can enter your email or phone number and Amazon will send you  a link to download the Amazon App.

There are a couple of issues you might run into along the way. The first issue is check marking Unknown Sources in the Application Settings. That will give you the ability to run apps that are not from the Android Market. Second you will need to stay signed into the Amazon Appstore app. If you get logged out or delete the program from phone there is a good chance any of the apps you purchased from Amazon will not work.

Check it out for yourself and let other know as well. I cannot believe how many people I have spoken to that have no idea Amazon sells apps. Sad but true.