Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Customzie your Android device with ADW Launcher EX

If you are looking to customize you Android headset the best on the Market is ADW Launcher EX. There are so many options for you to choose from that you can truly make any phone you own. I really like using ADW and have been hooked since I figured out how to use it. I used to be a huge fan of LauncherPro however they kind of fell of the face of the earth and GO Launcher will eat away at your battery. As for  SPB shell 3D well if you get SPB you're not the smartest tool in the shed. 

When you start out the first thing you're going to
want to do is get into the settings. To do this hit the menu button hit more and then ADW settings. You will be greeted at various options however the one you will be using the most are the UI settings. When you make any changes simply hit your back button and it will automatically save your settings. One of the best options is the ability to change your folder settings. You can make your folders look like they do on ICS sandwich. I have for the first time started to actually use folders on my phone.

Another huge advantage over stock launchers or launcher Pro is that ADW gives you the ability to add up to nine screen to your phone. The only other launcher that I know can do this is GO Launcher. However like I said I'm not a huge fan of GO Launcher due to the fact of the resources it uses on your phone. I have noticed it use a huge amount of RAM it uses on your phone making it sluggish and draining your battery.

You can also download many themes that are on the market for free. The two main ones that I use are the honeycomb theme and the ICS theme. Those two themes have given me the ability to practically replicate ICES sandwich. This is great considering many older phones will never get that update.

Lastly it is great to be able to change your icons. With ADW all you do is hold down on the icon you want to change. When you hold down the icon you will be greeted by and edit option.  You can rename the icon or select the icon to change the image. As for the widgets you can also hold them down to do an edit.  The only change you can do to a widget is resize it. Not much but a big difference to many stock skins that come you phones. 

After you have made every single change you have wanted. You lock the screen. to do this hit the menu button, selected more and then select lock screen. You will now notice that you will not be able to delete any icons or widgets for any of the screens. You will not be able to add any either. To unlock your phone simply do the same procedure you did to get to lock it.

I have provided different screenshots of my phone to help you navigate through ADW launcher. If you have any question or issues please post a comment below and I will try to help you. 

Main Setting Options
UI Settings
Folder Options. (If you select show content you will get a preview of apps you have in that folder.) I choose not select this so I can change the icon on the screen. 

See how I selected Root and pop up comes up with the apps I have in there. 
In this instance I held down Netflix to edit, manage, remove or share. Select Edit to change the name and Icon. 
This is what pops up after you hit edit
Widget changes are done the same way as the Icons. Notice how you will be able change the size of the widget.
Hit the menu button and select edit to bring up this option. You will be able to add or delete screens from here. You can also set which ever screen you want as the home screen.
This is a preview of the nine screens I have set up.
On the theme settings you can install any of the ones you downloaded and you can change the Icon pack and dock image. Changing the dock has never been easier. 
One thing I wanted to point out are the App Drawer Styles. By Default it sets up as Horizontal. This can be very annoying unless you are used to using a Samsung Phone. My favorite style is Vertical new.