Monday, February 6, 2012

Razor Maxx is the complete deal

Motorola has been making some kick a** phones lately. When the Razor came out late last year I thought It  was a great upgrade to the Droid X. However the Razor Maxx is a complete phone compared to its predecessors. Although it is nearly identical to the Razor. 

Looking back the Droid X was an awesome phone when it came out. It was sleek, sexy, and very well made. Much like the Razor when it came out in
November. However there was just something wrong. The camera stuck out of the back of both phones like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. What a tragedy for such a nice phone. 

As I said the Razor had the same issue. Much like when Megan Fox got replaced by Rosie Huntington on Transformers. Good upgrade but Rosie had those lips from Wanda in In Living Color that were not quite right. 

Now the Razor Maxx is out and it looks complete. Look at the back and you notice no more hunch. Instead it is the sleek stylish phone Motorola should have produced two years ago. As I said the specs are about the same but the design makes it feel finished. The only thing they still need to some work on is that camera that has been protruding for years.

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