Monday, February 6, 2012

Touchscreen gloves saving your calls

Winter Sucks plain and simple! What makes it worse is when you have gloves on and cannot answer or text on your phone. That's where touch screen gloves come into play. They could be a real life saver for individual in cooler climates. Surprisingly there a lot of people who think they have to take their gloves off. 

The reason you are unable to use your phone with gloves is because of capacitive touchscreen. Capacitive screens interact with the electrical current in your fingers. So putting on regular gloves blocks
that current. I am sure you all have had that moment in life where you tried to answer a call frantically with your gloves on. Only to find out you could not do a thing. 

If you are super moto or got gloves you cannot part with you can buy conductive thread. You will have to weave the thread in your gloves to get this to work. It is kind of a pain in the a** however it works.There are a few YouTube videos out there if you are interested in this method. .

The easiest way is to just buy a pair of gloves. They come in all sorts of sizes and makes. I strongly recommend going to a department store so you are able to try them on and make sure they work with your phone. I have found some gloves that simply do not work as advertised. So if you are buying them as gifts make sure you get a gift receipt. 

I have provide a few links below to some manufactures to give you an idea what  to look for. 

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves
Glider Gloves