Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swiftkey X by far the best!

Are you tired of trying every keyboard on the android market only to find they are garbage? Well I am too! After testing out about a dozen different keyboards. I would have to say that Swiftkey X is by far the best keyboard out there. It just makes my life so much easier. 

There are four different themes to choose from that are very clean looking. The layout is also great. When you first open Swfitkey X up the layout looks much like the stock keyboard. In fact some of the letters might look a little bit smaller. Even though they look smaller it is 100 times easier to type on this keyboard.

The layout of the numbers and characters are a lot different. When you select the numbers function you will have the numbers on left side and the characters on right side. This makes it so much easier when you have to type number and character combinations. I have always hated that fact that many keyboards put their numbers in rows. 

What is unique about this app is that it learns from your text messages, Facebook, and Twitter. You'll have to manually set up for it to look up your Facebook and Twitter messages. It does seem weird letting Swiftkey X read your messages however you should not be concerned with privacy issues. I would recommend that you just let it learn from your text messages I have found that this is plenty enough.

If you speak another language there were multiple language's Swiftkey X. I am bilingual and I have downloaded the Spanish pack. It really does a great job transitioning between the two languages. I am not sure of the exact number of languages it supports but it is quite a few. 

If you get the opportunity try it out for yourself. I have seen it on the market discounted many times. Amazon has also offered for free. One thing I'm sure of is that you will not be disappointed. I have listed a link below for the free version. It does not offer all of the features of the paid version but it's enough to try it out.