Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rom Toolbox

If you have rooted your phone one of the must-have apps is ROM Toolbox. It takes many of the apps most rooted users will download and combines them into one. It almost sounds too good to be true but it does work well. In this article you will learn about some cool features of this application.

One of the biggest features is the ROM manager tool found in  ROM Toolbox. With this tool you will be able to install ROMs that you have downloaded to your SD card.  You can also back up your ROM or restore a previous ROM that you may have saved.

The app manager tool is pretty good at letting you know what apps are running in the background. Typically if you go into your settings and select running apps you get a list, but there are always some hidden ones. With the app manager you can see those hidden applications and shut them down. You can also delete applications that you would
not typically be able to remove. Be careful if you are uninstalling something you should not as your phone may start to get errors.

Auto start manager is a tool that kills applications that typically start up when you re-boot the phone. This is a very powerful tool that you do not see much discussion about. Making changes to applications that start up can make a huge difference in your phone. Even if you have a rooted phone you may have noticed Google maps always seems to be running. Disabling this in Auto Start manager has taken care of this problem. Now it only starts up when the application is actually used. Again, be careful when selecting which apps not to start up. Under no circumstance should you disable any system applications.

There are many other options as well however the last ones covered in this article are the Boot Animation and Boot Logo changer tools. When you start you phone you will notice a logo at the beginning followed by some sort of animation. These are all different, depending on your phone. With these two tools you have the option to customize them. With so many options available, there will surely be one that will fit your style.

Other tools that are featured in ROM Toolbox include:
Root Browser
Terminal Emulator
Ad Blocker
CPU Control & Kernel Tweaks
SD Booster
Font Installer
Theme Manager

As you can see this single application takes the place of many popular Android Applications. Although it costs $5.99, it could easily save you around $10.00 if you were to purchase all of those apps individually. It also saves you a bunch of time, instead of jumping from app to app. So if you are interested in this app, check it out for yourself at the link below.