Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video in now available on PlayStation 3. If you are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime it was originally set up for user who purchased a lot of products on Amazon. The perks of buying an Amazon Prime membership were free two-day shipping and $3.99 one-day shipping. You were also able to get great deals on selected items. So if you bought a lot of items on Amazon you could really end up saving a lot money on shipping as well as take advantage of the special deals. 

Later they introduced Amazon Prime Video. At first the free online content was pretty weak, however since its introduction they have added some great quality content for free. They are getting pretty comparable to Netflix, and at some point Amazon might take over as the number one streaming service. 

The reason it might take over are two-fold. For one, you get free content as an Amazon Prime member. Second, if you are looking for a movie or a show, and are not able to stream it for free, you are able to purchase videos individually to stream. The rates for movies or shows are priced very well, and as Prime member you get a discount on many titles. 

Combining those two services makes it really convenient for users who just want to use one service. When you start using Amazon Prime, you will notice its a little more difficult to use other services. 

At 79.00 a year the Amazon Prime membership will really pay for itself if you buy a lot of items. Even at that price you are getting a great deal of free video provided by Amazon. As their content grows, it will be hard to justify having Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu accounts. It will also be hard to get away from them as they are introduced to more an more devices. 

Their new PlayStation 3 application is very well laid out and great to use. Try out Amazon Prime for yourself free for 30 days. If you try Amazon Prime, remember the 30 day window and cancel if you do not like it. With Amazon Prime you do not get charged by the month. You get charged by the year so that whole $79.00 will be taken out of you account soon as that 30 day window is up.

Something to caution you on is that not all items get free shipping as it may seem. Any item that is eligible should say Prime Eligible. This could be frustrating if you buy a lot of items and still have to pay for shipping. 

If you want some more information check out their official website below.
Amazon Prime Official Site