Thursday, March 22, 2012

2013 Nissan Altima Fifth Generation

The fifth generation Nissan Altima will be released April of this year. After all of the earthquakes in Japan last year, Nissan has had to work extra hard to keep his vehicle on schedule.

Nissan has been doing a very good job of keeping everyone on their toes when it comes to the design of the 2013 Altima. They have shrouded the Altima in mystery and the anticipation has been built. This anticipation has lead to great media coverage which is a great thing for Nissan

By no means is the Altima a car we dream about, however

realistically it is a car that the average person can actually purchases. For years, Nissan has tried  to make a better car, and without a doubt, has succeeded.

With stiff competition from Korea, and now America, it will be very important for Nissan to hit this one out of the ballpark to stay in the competition. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Nissan builds quality cars.

The complete specs for the Nissan Altima have not yet been released, but what is known is that it will be available in a hybrid version. Everyone has jumped on the hybrid train and it will be interesting to see what they have learned from the Nissan Leaf.

Above is a teaser picture released by Nissan. As more information becomes available we will get it posted. Please follow us by RSS to get the latest updated information from GadX as it comes available.

Also check out Nissan's website for the latest information on the Altima