Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Justine Ezarik  (iJustine) is an internet personality whom you may have seen on TV . Her YouTube channel has been viewed millions of times. She makes spoof music, videos, reviews, and just random stuff from her life. She is considered a lifecaster carrying a camera with her practically 24/7.

With her pretty looks and crazy spunky personality it is hard not to like her. She reminds me of a blonde version of Zooey Deschanel. Although at times I think iJustine takes the cake in the crazy department.

As I said above she makes various videos and can be found on about every social media outlet available.  As you can see by all the sites listed below, she has many websites that helped her achieve success. She gets on all of these sites personally to publicize herself, and she has created an empire all her own.  As crazy and goofy as she may be, she knows marketing very well.

She has a loyal following, but with that following are also the haters. For another great laugh just Google “I hate iJustine”. You can just tell the haters are infatuated with her.
Below is one of her most popular videos and many links to her other social sites.

 If you have any recommended videos please post the link below.