Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Telerik Fdeck Facebook Client for Desktop

If you are looking for a whole new Facebook experience you might want to try Telerik Fdeck. Although it is a mouth full to say the client itself is super easy to use and gives you very clean Facebook Experience that should not be passed up.

Telerik Fdeck (TF) brings a Metro UI type feel to Facebook. Soon as you log into the program you will see a very different user interface (UI) than commonly used. On the top you will have access to you media such as
photos, contacts, or inbox. If you have hated going back and forth between your profile page and homepage on Facebook to look what you are looking for TF takes care of that problem.

On the Left column you can select your News feed. TF does something unique here you are given ability to organize your feeds from Photos, links, games, etc. This is great if all you want to see are the latest pictures your friends have posted. It also takes all of those annoying game post and puts them in their own section.

In the center you will have it will show which ever feed you choose from the left column. You will also be able to post from here. Simply select what’s on your mind? A screen will pop up so that you can post what your heart desires. You can also select different view from here as well. There is a grid view which makes post look like a magazine or photo feed which just shows you images from post. If you select photo feed and want to go back hit the little blue X. This got me a little confused at first you will know what I mean if you try it.

To the right of the center column you will notice images that are a little faded.  You can select those photos to follow their respective link. It is pretty much like the photo feed function that is always running.

One very strong part of this app is the photo options. TF makes it not only easy to navigate through your photos but gives you a great advantage of adding new photos. With TF you are able to drag and drop photos from your desktop and add them to Facebook. It is a very sweet feature that makes photo management easy.

Overall the entire program is great! The only things that could make it better is if you could resize some parts of the app. I would really like to make the center column wider. It would also be awesome if when you selected a post it would open it off to the right where the photo feed is. That’s just me being picky but it would be nice.

If you would like to try it out or read more follow the Telerik Fdeck link below.